FBD Class Availability

Well since we are back, here are our classes and there start dates, also what we have available. If you would like to join a class or two, please message us or e-mail us at fullbodydevelopments@live.ca

Sundays: **NEW TIME** HIIT 12:30-1:15pm
Starts Sunday August 16.
*Currently no spots available*

Mondays: Indoor Boot Camp (also HIIT style) 7:15-8pm
Starts September 7th
*2 spots available*

Tuesdays: Tabata 7:15-8pm
Starts Tuesday August 18
* Currently no spots available*

Classes are $12.50 + GST and need to be paid prior to each class. Drop ins (needs to be confirmed by us) is $15 + GST. If you want to fill a spot because a client is away, ask us about that too and we can add you to our ‘class fillers’ list.


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