November available sessions

Good news! FBD has opened some spots up, so if you have been waiting to get in, now is your time! Please note, that these spots are a 1 trainer only time. This allows us to open more spots without being back-back all day.

Here are the spots…

12:15-1:30pm (Trainer: Chad) SPOT TAKEN

6-6:30am (Trainer: Chad or Jessica)
8-8:45am (Trainer: Chad or Jessica)
6:30-7:15pm (Trainer: Chad)
8-8:45pm (Trainer: Jessica)

7-7:45am (Trainer: Chad)
7-7:45pm (Trainer: Jessica)

6-6:30am (Trainer: Jessica)
8-8:45am (Trainer: Chad or Jessica)

7-11am Open for new spots!

8-8:45am (Trainer: Jessica) SPOT ON HOLD

Please e-mail us to book your FREE consultation today!

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