Survival of the FITTEST

Full Body Developments would like to thank everyone who participated in this years Bootcamp and made it a huge success!. We had a great group of dedicated people who made it easy to head out to every single session; and we are very sad that 16 weeks flew by and we are now done for the year. With that being said we are extremely excited already for next year and we look forward to seeing some familiar faces again as well as some new faces too!

If you missed out on FBD’s Summer bootcamp please feel free to email us with any questions in regards to registration for next year. Please keep in mind that we offer 1 on 1, couples, and group training (max 3 people) and we have a few openings now that bootcamp is completed. If you are interested please contact us

Below is a group photo taken at the last session. “Survival of the FITTEST” as they truly survived 16 weeks and stayed committed!!! We look forward to next year!!

bootcamp1 copy

Full Body Developments Inc.

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