Chad’s leg workout & Jessica’s 400 rep workout

Chads leg workout:

Complete 3 sets of each exercise
Squats (weighted)
Squat to speed skaters – max reps
Reverse lunge to knee up- max reps
Squat pulses high to low then low to high – burnout!

Jessica’s 400 rep Routine:
Set your gymboss as a stop watch as this workout is a time challenge- remember to use proper form! Complete one exercise after the next and repeating the entire thing one more time.
25x Sandbag Deadlifts
25x burpees with push up
25x Runners lunge- R (get in a runners lunge stretch, push through your heels as you bring your back knee up)
25x runners lunge- L
25x Sandbag chest press (or use dumbbells)
25x DB upright rows
25x Reverse push ups
25x Bosu back extensions

Ab Workout: 
Complete after 400 rep workout or after Chad’s leg workout
25x 90 degree double crunch
15x Side plank lifts- R side
15x Side plank lifts- L side
Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds! 

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