Workout Challenge- Back Pain?

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to touch base and see how you are liking the 5 min ab challenge. Have you been doing this challenge before every workout this week? Hopefully you aren’t over doing it and doing the challenge every day, but incorporating the 5 minute ab challenge every other day is ok! 🙂

We have been keeping up with it this week and its amazing how good you feel when you start your workout with this challenge. There is something about it. What amazes us is how strong you think your core really is yet, you do this challenge and your abs literally feel like they are on fire!

One thing that we wanted to mention however, is that if you are doing this challenge, or any ab exercise for that matter, and if you are feeling your back aching its okay. When the word ‘core’ is used it means that you are not only working your abs but your back as well. The major muscles of your core includes: transverse abdominis, internal obliques, external obliques, rectus abdominis, and erector spinae. When you feel your back it just means your core muscles are weak, this can be caused by an imbalance of muscle or just lack of muscle strength. To help out, work on strengthening your lower back muscles. You can do this by back extension or reverse back extension, dead lifts, doing our week 2 exercise of the week exercise, etc.(we will post a video on these and other exercises soon!). Even something as simple as working on your posture can significantly improve your low back muscle strength. If you have bad posture when standing or sitting start correcting yourself and hold that position for a long period of time. We guarantee that you will feel some discomfort in your low back, but this discomfort is necessary as those muscles are being strengthened. Remember when exercising you want to work every muscle equally, any muscle imbalances will cause pain, bad posture, or cause other issues down the road. We all have our favorite body parts to work on but its important to not just focus on those.

Anyways, hope this helps and answers some of the comments we received and as mentioned before, we will post a video about helping out with your back pain and show some exercises that you can incorporate into your workout routine :).

Have a fantastic long weekend!

Full Body Developments Inc.

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