You tell us..

What is the number one reason that you miss your workout?

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3 thoughts on “You tell us..

  1. I too feel the same way that Michael does, I am motivated to start and then when it is time to do the exercise I loose it. This is really good information and I can understand the reason now why I do loose my motivation.
    Starting Monday I am going to put your exercise routine to the test and see how I do:)


  2. Hi Michael,

    We all tend to think that when we workout that we should see results immediately, but the truth is that you won’t see any big changes in your body composition until 60-90 days. I find that many of my clients and myself go in this direction:
    – first 30 days you may feel discouraged but you feel healthier and in slightly better shape
    – 60 days you may notice you are losing pounds but you don’t really see it
    – 90 days is where you will see muscular tone and you can actually pin point exactly where you have lost the weight.. if you can make it to 90 days with healthy eating and maintaining a regular exercise regime that challenges you every time, then you will not lose motivation past this.
    With that said, if you do start to put exercising and healthy eating aside for more than 2 days you will notice that it is just that much harder to get back into it.

    Also, the old way of thinking was that you had to get at least an hour workout to be effective.. but that is not the case whatsoever. Heres an example, lets take the individuals who just run on the treadmill 3-4 times a week at your gym and don’t include a weight training exercise in their exercise program. Most of them will do cardio for 45-60 minutes (sometimes even more!) but have you notice any change in their body composition? Not likely.. your body will start to use cortisol to get you through a workout that is past 30-45 minutes. That includes cardio and weight training. Cortisol will have a negative effect on you and what you are trying to accomplish. So I guess what we are trying to say is ..less is more. Do a 20-30 minute workout that challenges you constantly and don’t rest in between more than you have too.

    One way that we love to train and that gets great results is interval training. Interval training is intense, challenging and fun. You have no excuse to rest or not complete your workout because its short and your timer is keeping you in check! Try it out and let me know what you think.

    Try this workout- nothing to fancy but gives you an idea of how fast this type of exercise is:
    5 min warmup (treadmill, jogging in place, jumping jacks..etc)
    1. stationary lunge (right leg forward)
    2. stationary lunge (left leg forward)
    3. mountain climbers
    4. free weight boxing (2-5lbs in each hand boxing, without hyper extending our elbow)
    5. prisoner squats
    6. pushups
    You will do each exercise for 45-60secs and immediately go into the next one, only taking about a 10-20 second break in between each exercise. Repeat 1-6 a total of 3 rounds. (only 18 minutes of challenging exercising! Now there is no time restriction excuse 🙂 )
    This a total body interval training and it will boost your metabolism and really challenge you as you are switching from one body part to another, not allowing your body to get ‘use’ to a specific type of exercise.

    Hope that gives you some ideas 🙂

    Full Body Developments Inc.

  3. Personally I think I lose motivation because I don’t see results as quick as I want and then I get discouraged. Also, the days that I get some motivation I realize that I have to commit at least an hour to get a good workout. So then I make the excuse that I don’t have time and say “I will workout tomorrow”, but tomorrow comes and goes.
    Any suggestions on how to fix these issues?


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