On the drop down menu you will find blogs that Chad and I have wrote. These may be about personal battles, fitness information, etc. We like to stay connected with you guys and if you want to share anything let us know.



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  1. Somehow I stumbled upon this website and I’m so relieved I did ! so this started for me 3 months ago all I did was sit up really fast and twist for the remote control and BOOM felt like a hard blow to the sternum and it got worse had ALL the test done I am 100% healthy no cardiac issues i saw omega3 fish oil helps so I stared to take it I would say it helps so so…so when I went the first time to the ER I was low on potassium and mag they gave me what I needed for that so I feel it had a lot to do with that and now I’m just stuck with this pain my sternum feels as if it was strained but it shows it’s fine and I get sometimes a burning sensation I guess that’s just when it really is flared up I’m going to take the advice on the natural anti inflammatory bc I seriously don’t want to keep taking meds and I am going to try the back pod I also am a hairstylist so I’m not sure if the repetitive motion has a lot to do with this and am 25 and super super active and to just everything really sucks ! Turmeric and ginger tea helps a lot .. it’s nice but sucks for everyone also but to see I’m not alone and someone who UNDERSTANDS and doesn’t think it’s “anxiety” I know the difference Believe me oh I had gone to the chiro and it helped then went bowling and since then it’s been tough and hasn’t gone Away sorry for the long post !

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