FBD fit by FLEX Challenge 2021

Introducing the *NEW* FBD Fit by Flex Challenge.The FBD 90 Day Transformation Challenge has transformed into something a bit more. What does it take to reach your goals? It takes understanding of nutrition, movement and for that extra push, exercise to maintain and build lean body mass and that is exactly what we are introducing. A new package that allows you to get everything that we did in previous challenges but now weekly workouts with ME! (online of course)Let’s dive into why we aren’t getting results, what method will help us to lose and KEEP it off. This challenge isn’t just for those who want to lose, maybe you are looking to build a bit more strength and muscles…I got ya covered.This Challenge will focus on all aspects to be successful in reaching your goals. We will dive into flexible dieting and how to build lifestyle habits that will be sustainable for you.Another change is we will have MORE prizes!! Each month there will be a “winner” based on who has stayed the most committed and made the most change (biggest transformation). Why this change? To get you going right at the start and to keep going! Knowing you can win some extra $$ monthly is motivating enough 🙂.Start date: April 25 End Date: July 25

Included in ALL packages:
– Personalized macros
– FREE recipe book with new recipes added
– FREE access to our coaching group (this page) FBD Fit By Flex Group
– FREE bi-weekly coaching talks
– Weekly nutrition tips/write ups to keep your understanding and answer any questions.THREE packages to choose from:

BASIC: $50
– No entry into monthly pot

ENTRY: $75
– Entry into monthly pot ($25 goes into pot and total get’s divided into the 3 months)
ALL IN: $140
– Entry into monthly pot
– Join FBD LIVE Workouts page to get your weekly workouts and opportunity to join in more at a discounted rate. (Workout value of $195, saving you $130 for workouts!)
**please note, minimal equipment at home is needed
– bi-weekly private check ins (e-mail communication)
Spots are limited! Join today!!

What is needed:- Information about you

  • Tell me about yourself (job, habits, current struggles, past diets, etc)
  • Do you currently exercise? How often? any injuries?
  • Age, height and weight (needed to macros!)
  • How active are you- do you go for daily walks? are you seated mostly or are you moving lots?
  • Any dietary restrictions

– Pictures (front, side, back view) for ENTRY and ALL IN packges- If joining workouts, you will need some equipment at home.Are you ready to get Fit By Flex? If you are, email fbd.jess@gmail.com today. Last day to register is April 18.

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